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Welcome everyone! 

This is The Bibites  

A simulation where you are able to watch evolution happen before your very eyes! 

Each bibite (the small critters you see on the screen) starts off with an empty brain (they do nothing) and pretty basic genes (they all look alike). 

Through random mutations, one can be spawned with a brain connection that will link two neurons and might trigger a behavior, like going forward, which will allow them to eat food, and then reproduce with the energy gained.

You have reproduction, mutations, and natural selection, which leads to ... 

With time, this develops into complex behaviors, like following pheromone trails to hunt other bibites, or stockpiling food in a specific area of the map. 

Present Features

  • Vision
  • Procedural Sprites (generating a custom sprite for each bibite from their genes)
  • Self-awareness (state, health, energy, etc.)
  • Pheromones (producing and sensing)
  • Grabbing and Throwing stuff (pellets and other bibites)
  • Materials and Digestion Simulation
  • Realistic Energy System

The simulation is also interactive, allowing you to YEET bibites and pellets around. You can selectively kill bibites, feed them, force the laying of eggs, and so much more.

It's also highly customizable, allowing you to test a nearly infinite number of scenarios. How will they evolve if there is no drag (no friction)? What about if moving is extremely energy-costly?
It's your job to test it all, I sure can't do it by myself.


The best way to do so is to subscribe to my Patreon to provide me with reliable support and have access to the alpha updates as I develop them:

Become a Patron to get alpha updates! 

Follow the development and see additional content on Youtube

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Upcoming features 

  • UI and UI Overhaul
  • Module-based systems for unbounded evolution and incredible performances
  • Biomes (environmental simulation)
  • Evolving ecosystems (the plants/food evolves too)
  • Rocks (Movable objects)
  • And much more!

After trying it out, please give me some feedback

Or report bugs

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorThe Bibites
Made withUnity
Tags2D, artificial-intelligence, evolution, interactive, Life Simulation, Pixel Art, Procedural Generation, Sandbox, Unity
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer
LinksYouTube, Patreon, Twitter, Community


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

The Bibites v0.1 24 MB
The Bibites v0.2 46 MB
The Bibites v0.3.0 - Windows 64x.zip 28 MB
The Bibites v0.3.0 - Mac Universal.zip 34 MB
The Bibites v0.3.0 - Linux.zip 40 MB
The Bibites v0.3.0 - Windows 32x.zip 25 MB
The Bibites 0.4.0 - Windows 64x.zip 30 MB
The Bibites 0.4.0 - Windows 32x.zip 27 MB
The Bibites 0.4.0 - Linux.zip 41 MB
The Bibites 0.4.0 - Mac Universal.zip 36 MB
The Bibites 0.4.1 - Linux.zip 41 MB
The Bibites 0.4.1 - Windows 64x.zip 30 MB
The Bibites 0.4.1 - Windows 32x.zip 27 MB
The Bibites 0.4.1 - Mac Universal.zip 36 MB
The Bibites 0.4.2 - Windows 64x.zip 30 MB
The Bibites 0.4.2 - Linux.zip 41 MB
The Bibites 0.4.2 - Mac Universal.zip 36 MB
The Bibites 0.4.2 - Windows 32x.zip 27 MB

Development log


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I got to play it once but now its not letting me go on. not sure if its my computer or some sort of glitch but I'm getting a new computer today so we will see if it works then :). if this has happened to anyone else and they know how to solve it could you please help?

how download sim

Is there a way to save the simulation?


When will neural netork editor be available?

my own thing is how do i use neural network editor

How do you download this on linux/chromebook? It will be very helpful if someone can tell me.

To fix the blue screen on Linux, run with the following parameter: -force-vulkan. Cheers.

./'The Bibites.x86_64' -force-vulkan

Works! thx.

(1 edit) (+1)

Stuck on a dark blue screen immediately after running the executable, nothing seems to change even if I let it sit there for a while.

OS: distro is ArchLinux running on kernell v5.18.15
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1060s ; driver version 515.57
CPU: Intel i5-9400F
Game version in question: The Bibites 0.4.2

The game/sim looks quite interesting from what I've seen and read of it, well done!

Is this going to be on Android at some point?

I'm on mac Mojave. I open the game, and when loading it just stops at 50%

(1 edit) (+2)(-1)

Linux version is broken.

After the unity flash screen goes away it get's stuck on a dark blue screen.

Nothing at all, gotta alt f4 or tab out to close.

I'm on Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS x86_64, I hope this get's fixed the game looks super dope.

(1 edit) (+1)

Add bodyplans and abylity to change them!!!!!!!! PLS


I'm having difficulties on macOS, the game hangs on 50%; any suggestion?

I am having the same issue


The game does not work on linux. There's just a dark blue screen after the unity splash screen.

yeah same here


make an android version please

As a fan of Framsticks, Artificial LIfe ENvironment, and AL:RE this is definitely on my watchlist. I love everything so far, and it runs quite well. Do you plan to allow creating Bibites through genetic programming?

Where source code?

wont load :( stuck on 50% permanently

Had this happen. Moved it to another folder location and it worked. Seems like it was a permissions error

i'll try it out! :D thanks for the reply

I tried to download it, sadly my Mac says it can't search for malware and the software needs to be updated to do that. 

(2 edits) (+2)

some of my bibites evolved to "herd" with individual prey, chasing it to eat its meat once it dies. I kind of think that the herding node is too advanced and powerful (it seems to completely overpower things like "pellet concentration angle"), it could have an internal neural network which can also evolve and change, or a better option would be to make it an input node like pellet concentration angle which would simply cause the bibite to accelerate towards its herd (but only when moving slower) if connected to the accelerate node, or turn towards its herd, if connected to the rotate node, this option could also come with making all input/output nodes also being able to be modifier nodes, allowing for strands like ""pellet concentration angle"-"herding"-"rotate"" which would cause the bibite to turn towards pellets by a value altered by how close/far said pellet is from the herd


Here's my idea to make bibites able to be just a bit better: memory, for example,  if they see a pellet somewhere but pass by it (and no longer see it). They could, with this adaptation, remember where it is anyway, acting as though they can see it even if it's out of view. A memorized thing would no longer need to be sensed to trigger something like "pellet concentration angle". This would all work through a "commit to memory" node, which would save the bibites location, direction, and everything it senses to a single memory slot, a "bite" if you will, but it would not need any extra nodes to call this info, instead, it would be called by the normal sensing nodes if nothing else is found. there would be a "memory" stat, which by default would be 0, and would control the number of "bites" a bibite can remember, and once a bibite fills its memory older memories are deleted. There could also be a node that would update/replace a memory slot, and another that would delete a memory slot. This memory system would save many splendid bibites from a lonely fate in the void.

I have a glitch with the latest windows version where no matter how much energy my bibites are getting they have a minimum energy loss. If they end up deep in the negative of energy consumption they still lose energy faster, but there seems to be a point (around 0.1 e/s) where it just doesnt lose less or gain any and all my bibites just die

(1 edit)

my strong bibites keep throwing themselves into the void :( they are kinda dumb, but i love this game!


i am having the hardest time modding the game, can you please make the guide more easy to understand?


Fix Linux version plz

(2 edits) (+2)

Watched the video on Predation and issues, and i think i have a partial solution. TLDR the attack method and lack of camo is a major flaw.

copy/paste on a comment of Camouflage:

Types of Camouflage could be useful.

1) Low/No movement high reaction. This would get you predators more akin to spiders, encouraging high speed but low movement (moving mostly when desperate, or when there's food within striking range) would encourage said type of predators. If they evolved to say have an appendage that could do a strike at a distance quickly and reel in the prey would help. Predators that could last a VERY long time holding in place would be potentially useful, especially if they learned to sit near a deposit of food source to lure in prey, or carry a food source and drop it near them.

2) Being less noticeable when moving less. It would be a camo level multiplied against distance (so further away unnoticed, closer more likely to be noticed unless a higher camo level). If there's a low level of how much movement you could do before it affects your camo you might get predators that move very slowly while seeking prey, like Preying Mantises.

3) Pretending to be a plant/food source. This type of camo would increase in the presence of other food sources, blending in and goes back to #1.

4) Pretending to be another species. There's spiders that pretend to be ants, and flies that have coloration to look like bees and wasps. So basically to get misidentified, which would be more noticeable the closer it got, when it started attacking, or if the prey adopted better eyesight to try and cancel said effects out.

Then there's poison (or in this case, paralysis and lower resistances to damage, and a little damage over time) that could be created. Poison would likely be expensive to use, but could be reclaimed like a secondary food source 1:1 for what wasn't used. Also poisonous that if they are eaten they damage those that tried to eat them. (which could be half movement, Damage over time, or slower digestion/energy recovery for a duration). Though if that's the case having a new gene when they could regurgitate recently swallowed food they could learn there are some things they don't want to eat and try to prevent said damage.

Which then gets into setting traps which have a varying level of camo and stickiness and strength. Or putting food into the trap so when eaten they get stickied. That would be interesting to see.

I guess thinking about it, it's the mix of the attack method currently is too limited and they are too easily to be seen, so there isn't enough diversity in predators making overspecialization to avoid 1 predator type the issue and not having to spread out as much for multiple types of predators.

Also appendages (from #1) could be used to gather plant food sources too. So it might be useful even for herbivores, but the cost rate wouldn't make sense unless food was very scarce and other herbivores were nearby thus to snatch food away from others.

Edit: Watched more recently on added digestion and how it will affect the bibits. Looks good but most of the above i think still stands.

Regardless i look forward to seeing more of this.

everything evolves from crabs.

Wo wo wo!

*Scuttles away like a certain Futurama 'expert on humans' Doctor*


It would be great if there was a android version.Or you can make it so android and apple users can dowload it in the play store or something

thank you for a amazing game.

Thanks so much <3


Automatic tag/name generation for generation 1 bitbites would be a cool option, would make tracking them a whole lot easier.


Maybe have a way to make it so bibites can spawn outside a plant spawning node too, Im trying to make an area that is like an eden, while there are carnivorous bibites outside it


Hey, i think it would be good, if the plants also despawn after a while, so they dont get concentrated on one island

but all in all, super simulation


Don't know if it's just me and my computer personally but I can't open the game with a paid program that unzips files :(.

(1 edit)

Extract the files then open bibites


Could we get a Linux ARM version. I want to make my kids a "Bibite tank" on a Raspberry pi. 


I watched the devlog of 100 hours of simulation. WHERE ARE THE OPTIONS?? Like bad-cell destroyer(Select what to keep and close relatives to it in specified radius).

It is included in the new 4.2 update



The game is great, but it is hard to navigate, If there were to be an option to use the arrow keys, or wasd to move the viewpoint, that would greatly improve the experience. There's also a chance that I'm just missing something, so if someone knows how to do so, please let me know.


alright, i figured out that it was right click drag to move, but that is a little unintuitive and hard to use on a mousepad. Potentially there could be an option to change keybinds?


I'd like a change keybinds option


HI can you make it where you can name the species?


How can you stop save files from building up on windows? I'm not able to delete them while still being able to open the game


Any chance at a web version, this program doesn't really work on anything other than windows, and even then...

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